Our Platform

Our platform is designed for tailor-made vaccine candidates. The two primary elements that form our cutting-edge technology are:

  • Synthetic Virus-Like Particle (SVLP) that allows an optimal, multivalent and functional presentation of antigen(s). Each particle may present 60-90 copies of the antigenic epitope(s) and includes a modular interchangeable library of structural and functional components. The particle contains a T-helper epitope and a Toll-like receptor (TLR) ligand providing a self-adjuvanted system that drives B and T-cell responses.
  • Synthetic Antigen Mimetic (SAM) created using AI, structural biology, crystallography and chemistry. The antigen may be a peptide, glycan or glycopeptide in nature and may represent a B-cell or T-cell epitope. Each antigen is designed to mimic a native epitope with the appropriate structural information. Antigens are identified through data mining, in silico predictions, or knowledge gained from clinical samples such as convalescent sera.

Intellectual Property

Our growing patent portfolio includes umbrella patents granted for the SVLP platform. In addition, Virometix has established exclusive license and IPR agreements for patent rights owned by the University of Zurich and other scientific institutions. We have also generated proprietary know-how and expertise for designing, upscaling, and optimizing SVLPs and synthetic antigens.

Virometix maximizes the protection of its technology, products, and interests in all relevant markets.