Virometix' proprietary Synthetic Virus-Like Particle and Synthetic Antigen Mimetic technologies allows for the rapid production and optimization of vaccine candidates with superior properties in terms of safety, efficacy and stability.

Virometix makes use of two proprietary complementary base technologies: The Synthetic- Virus-like Particle (SVLP) and the Synthetic Antigen Mimetic (SAM) technologies. Whereas the SVLP technology enables highly efficient antigen delivery and activation of immune cells without co-administration of adjuvants, the SAM technology was specifically developed for antigen design and optimization.


SVLPs are highly stable lipopeptide nanoparticles that form through a spontaneous self-assembly process. They resemble market-proven delivery systems, virus-like particles (VLPs) and virosomes, in their size, shape and molecular constitution. However, unlike naturally derived VLPs and virosomes, which are made using egg- or cell-line-based methods, the modular SVLP building blocks can be chemically synthesized using industry-proven methods. The use of chemical synthesis for SVLP production allows optimization over a wider range of parameters, using a rational structure-based design approach and specific tailoring modifications and offering advantages in terms of production, reproducibility and quality. The size of SVLPs (20-30 nm) ensures highly efficient delivery to immunocompetent cells. The strong immunogenicity of SVLP-based vaccines has been demonstrated in multiple species for a broad variety of different antigens.


SAMs are structurally defined chemically modified peptides, which are engineered to adapt stable 3D structures in solution and can be conjugated to SVLPs. Unlike recombinant proteins or complexes, SAMs allow focusing of antibody responses to key protective epitopes instead of being directed against the whole antigen. Antibodies raised against SAMs have demonstrated improved capacity to recognize the native target pathogen, compared to antibodies raised against unmodified peptides or peptide-loops inserted into protein scaffolds. SAMs can also be engineered to facilitate processing of peptide fragments and enhance recognition by T-cells. Virometix harnesses a broad variety of drug-design methods for SAM design, including grafting peptide sequences onto appropriate scaffolds, incorporation of non-natural amino acids or side-chain cross-linking.

Advantages of Virometix' technology include the following:
  • Safety: No infectious or animal materials are used in production
  • Efficacy: Strong immunogenicity at low dose without adjuvant (B- and T-cell responses)
  • Focus: High epitope specificity
  • Stability: Long shelf-life and high thermostability
  • Production: Short lead times, proven synthetic methods suitable for large scale production
  • Scope: Unique versatile technology with many different addressable target disease areas and applications


Virometix has built solid IP protection for its technology in the relevant markets.

The growing patent portfolio includes umbrella patents granted for the SVLP platform. In addition, Virometix has established exclusive license and IPR agreements for patent rights owned by the University of Zurich and other scientific institutions, and has also generated proprietary know-how and expertise for the design, upscaling and optimization of SVLPs and synthetic antigens. Virometix takes care to maximize the protection of its technologies, products and interests in all relevant markets.
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